realizasom · corporate identity

The Realizasom company, after ten years of activity, found itself with a considerable portfolio of clients and with an offer of solutions, which exceeded the original intentions of the business. Starting in a specialization area (audio), it has found along its life path, work proposals that have transformed the foundations of Realizasom. There were four guidelines that were defined for the provision of services: Guided Tours; Thematic Exhibitions; Multimedia Installations and Cultural Programming.

In the work proposal presented by Realizasom, a deep transformation in the brand’s corporate identity was foreseen. Taking into account the intrinsic changes of its operational area. However, after an introductory analysis of the ideas behind the visual concept of Realizasom, with special emphasis on the Logo, some of the initial judgments were clarified about the need for total renewal of the graphic line. Particularly in the set of new meanings and symbologies that Realizasom intended to agglutinate to its new image.

It is common in certain areas of action, that the request formalized in a more direct way, is the creation or redesign of the logo and that the immediate approach, takes an answer in that direction. In this case, and without any prejudice to the final result, it was necessary to format the set of Realizasom’s activity areas in conceptual blocks, before even proceeding to a conclusion in the brand definition. This way, these areas gained their own symbology, which translates into more or less abstract signs, identifying more clearly notions about the services, products and solutions offered by Realizasom, which, for being so distinct, can thus be identified more easily.

The original Logo, created by artist and graphic designer Álvaro Ruas, was about to suffer changes and despite the study, dedicated to how Realizasom could be recognized with another format, the predominant idea was that of addition and transformation: new services and renewal of concepts. Because of the values that guided the company, but also because of the impression the brand had left on the relationship with customers, we opted for a redesign that synthesized the new meanings, without losing a visual identification with this young company. The sign contained in the Logo represents this choice. Which although natural, fits the idea of multiplicity, or multimedia in visual communication.