campo pequeno · outdoor scale model

The program for the exterior design of the Campo Pequeno square contained an implicit requirement for its representation on a maquette. This proposal was centered on a clear and detailed interpretation of all the constituent elements of the design in a previously determined scale, in which the stereotomy of the Portuguese Traditional Flooring and other details of the equipment design should be perceptible. At the beginning of the 3D drawings, several studies of textures of the paving were made, from photographic montages. Although these were not used in the final plans, they served as reference for the creation of a virtual texture that would fill the whole design of the plaza. Because it is the preponderant material in the area, the sidewalk should be clearly read by those viewing the model. Thus, the final result of this work could be used as a means of communication between the Architectural Office and the Civil Engineering team. Despite the diversity of materials used in this project, the cobblestone was the object that served as a gauge for the orientation of the required detail. It was necessary to calculate the 3D Rendering process in such a way that each stone was drawn by a minimum number of pixels, to be recognized in the final printing of the panels.