religious center · remodeling project

This religious center occupies the space of two stores, both with a direct exit to the outside. We were asked to make a survey of the place that needed conservation works. As a construction was going to be done, we thought it might be a good time to improve the overall image of the space and make some changes. Changing the location of the shoe rack and providing a more sheltered entrance to the worship room was just the beginning of the proposed program. Taking into account an intervention with a reduced budget and time, we then carried out a project for the entire center.

In the entrance hall two distinct areas emerged, a foyer that makes the distribution for all spaces and a vestibule that is the ante-chamber for the worship room and where the new checkroom and shoe rack are located. The separation of these spaces is made only with the distinction of floors, ceilings and lighting.

In the worship room the wood covering of the walls that we were forced to keep served as a background for a new continuous suspended white plane from which light is projected. The ceiling, floor and baseboards were also worked on, completely changing the previous image. To finish, we designed the door, the pulpit, the chairs and tables of the room creating a contrast between the blue of the floor and the yellow of the walls and furniture. The classrooms, pantry and toilets were also subject of intervention.

architecture: Susana Catarino / Hugo Azevedo

location: Oeiras

project: 2005

construction: 2006

total area: 200 m2