casa em são mamede · single-family house

The lot confronts the village to the east with its houses moving towards decharacterization, and to the west with the national road whose elevation is obligatorily blind and not accessible.

The proposal resolves a program of a vacation house with two living rooms, three bedrooms, a kitchen, two toilets, and a garage for a vintage car. The idea seeks to articulate a main body of two floors with two waters giving continuity to the houses in the village and another body with a flat roof floor that leans against the national road, also giving rise to two courtyards with opposite orientations.

In the materials, the approach responds to the idea; in the main body the floor running, baseboards, cabinets and doors in pine with the walls and ceilings plastered, and in the second body appears the tile floor that extends to the outside highlighting the social area of the house.

architecture: Lurdes Ribeiro / Hugo Azevedo

location: Aldeia de S. Mamede, Bombarral

project: 2005

construction: 2008