villa do castello · rehabilitation project

A 2 bedroom apartment inserted in a peculiar village between São Jorge Castle and Baixa Pombalina. Rehabilitating such a small house was a challenge. The terrace overlooking Lisbon had to be cleaned and the house had to be functional and comfortable. All the existing carpentry in good condition was used, the infrastructures were renewed, the kitchen was transformed into a dynamic and operational space, and circulation was reduced to a minimum with the introduction of a sanitary installation inside the fire. The terrace became the soul of the house where the interior lives from the privileged exterior of the castle coast.

arquitectura: Hugo AzevedoSusana Catarino

location: Villa do Castello, Lisbon

client: Ana Campos

collaboration: Hugo Guerreiro e António Albuquerque

project: 2006

construction: 2007

intervention area: 65 m2