vetlife · corporate identity

Vetlife is a start-up company focusing on providing local veterinary services. It needs its own identification, subject to a strong impression and easy perception. The work for the design of Vetlife’s Corporate Identity implied an analysis of the graphic image of other similar services performed by potential competitors in the same business area and in the same geographical area. From this analysis, concepts and questions emerged, results, which would be the foundation for the option taken, about the final iconographic language. The idea of “dressing” was present and would be difficult to circumvent, due to the company’s purpose limitation. This factor defined much of what would come to symbolize Vetlife as a Veterinary Clinic.

During the initial studies, a possible combination emerged, between the variety of services provided and an imaginary zoological diversity. The hypothesis of the continuity of a family of icons, generated from an original symbol, is revealed. This could be an added value, in the unfolding of the coordinated image. That is, the application of distinct signs, in different graphic pieces, but that maintained a relation of common familiar lines, for having been generated from the same source. This became the valorization understood in the design of Vetlife’s communication. These shapes originated from the mother symbol and were called animalarium, a concept that was later transformed into the Vetis mascots. These illustrated figures would become the friendly hosts, who would appear in eventual encounters with customers. Whether it be while enjoying the clinic’s facilities, or even outside of them. Finally, the chromatic choice, which was sometimes able to experiment with other values of the light spectrum, before settling on orange. From early on, the monochromatic idea had been consolidated to color Vetlife’s identity. This in order to serve the initial requirements of the proposal: clarity and sobriety in visual interpretation.

design: Carlos Coutinho

client: Vetlife, Clínica Veterinária

date: 2009