railway museum · graphic image

The Design of the Coordinated Image for the application in the Fundação Museu Nacional Ferroviário, took as relevant the objectives based on the concept produced by Realizasom (proposing company). The requested work object, analyzes each of the pieces for the permanent exhibition of the Museum, for these to be accompanied by multimedia technological solutions, serving as material support for the disclosure of contents, but also offering new sensorial experiences. Of these intentions, the interactivity and accessibility of the proposed themes stand out. That is, to make the visitor of the National Railway Museum, a participative element in obtaining more specific information. Making use of synthesized and intuitive devices, which in many of the proposed examples, simulate the actions and the environment of the collective imagination, about the activities related to the Railroad and the Portuguese Trains. In the same way, it is assured the careful and universal access of the visits, to publics with special needs. With the production of contents in audio-description and Portuguese sign language, or with the design of ergonomic equipment and generalized consultation.

The requirement, in the realization of the models for the multimedia solutions program of Realizasom, was to be able to demonstrate visually, the interactions between visitors and equipment. It was therefore necessary to pay special attention to the realization of 3D illustrations. To clarify and complement the descriptive memories, the infographics used should be objective. Thus, we opted for a monochromatic graphic line, occasionally highlighting in red, buttons and mechanisms that are protagonists in the intended actions. This way, we can highlight what is essential to the good understanding of these activities.

This application submitted by Realizasom won the third place in the competition held by the National Railway Museum. A considerable position, considering the quality and quantity of the competing proposals. A fact that largely demonstrates the commitment put by the team that participated in this challenge.

design: Carlos Coutinho

cliente: Realizasom, Produção Áudio Lda.

localização: Complexo Ferroviário do Entroncamento, Entroncamento, Portugal

data: 2012