antónio arroio · webdesign

To design the website of the Escola Secundária Artística António Arroio, it was necessary to create a common space for each department, course and subject. Counting also, with the launch of a platform for participation for the school community, insertion of content on the Web and eLearning. The architecture of the site was designed by the School’s Executive Management and after researching the ways and doings of each course with the course directors, a final structure and format was synthesized. Subsequently, the color harmonies chosen for each page of the website were deliberated. However, the chromatic selection for the courses complied with what was already assigned by graphic standards. Finally, the installation and training of a participation and eLearning platform was started, with access to Google Apps tools. This was intended to have a wider collaboration of teachers, students and other members of the school community.

design: Carlos Coutinho

client: António Arroio School

date: 2005 / 2008