Susana Catarino · Architect, Lisbon, 1975 · — She has a primary education at the Lycee Francais Charles Lepierre in Lisbon. While still in elementary school she chose the area of art and design with which she most identifies, continuing her secondary education at the Escola Artística António Arroio. ::: Completes her drawing training, between 1991 and 1994, at Ar.Co (Centro de Arte e Comunicação visual) and at the gallery Monumental with the architect Manuel Botelho. ::: She enrolls at the Faculty of Architecture of Universidade Técnica de Lisboa in 1993, where she attends the Architecture course. At the same time she collaborates with the architect Áurea Matos, with the architect João Costa Gomes and participates in several public competitions in the atelier of the architect Nuno Menano. ::: She completed her academic internship, Accepted with Merit, at the Miguel Mira Arquitectura e Planeamento, Lda studio in 2000, with the architect Vasco Massapina as her advisor and the architect Miguel Mira as her supervisor. She collaborated in this studio until 2006, having been responsible for the coordination/team management from 2003, where it is worth mentioning the participation in projects of collective housing, single-family housing, commerce, services, collective equipments and a detailed plan. ::: In 2000 starts the first projects of her own, a dental clinic and a house in the Caselas neighborhood in Lisbon. The collaboration with several studios and architects has never stopped her from pursuing her own projects, and for that she has always shared spaces, experiences and projects with friends and colleagues in the same area. ::: From this sharing resulted several architectural projects, most of them done in co-authorship with the Architect Hugo Azevedo, where we highlight works of villas, rehabilitation of apartments, a Gym, among others. ::: Collaborates with the Axonométrica Arquitectura Lda studio since 2007 in the realization of residential, commercial, services, collective equipment and land division projects. ::: In 2010 participates in the contest “A Realease – Create Cultural Product” by Tate Modern and Cultural Label with the proposal T-Slot, together with the designer Carlos Coutinho and the architect Hugo Azevedo. After this good experience is then formed the creative platform Sectorplano, of which he is a founding member. ::: Currently he continues to practice architecture on his own and in partnerships but also dedicates himself to product and furniture design.