about sectorplano

Sectorplano is a multidisciplinary studio that converges its main activities in Architecture and Design. This partnership between visual arts professionals, consisting of Hugo Azevedo, Susana Catarino and Carlos Coutinho, began in 2002 with their first joint space. After participating in the contest “A Realease – Create Cultural Product” by Tate Modern and Cultural Label with the proposal T-Slot in 2010, we concluded that the production made allowed us to start recording and formatting the work done and so was formed this creative platform with a common dissemination strategy, the Sectorplano. The diversification of services and products generates a selection of projects where ideas and skills are the platform components. This is the concept, shared by the authors in Sectorplan, that underpins modern thought and the view of art as a way of looking at the refinement of reality. Sectorplano is a matrix of creative thinking that materializes, within the visual arts, a genuine corporate image. The challenge is to continue to do architecture, graphic design and furniture projects simultaneously with the creation of new products with themes as varied as cultural product, urbanism, industrial, toys, etc. We seek sustainable solutions and new uses for materials, thus implementing our design method. The process of this project is experimentation and the production of original work. It is our intention to make this subject a continuous learning process, with the clear objective of effective results for the end recipients of our products.